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Securing an ASP.NET Core App on Ubuntu Using Nginx and Docker (Part I)

AWS S3 Bucket Name Validation Regex

Rapid Development Using Online IDEs

Section 508 Coding Practices

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Sandbox Solutions vs. Farm Solutions

Bootstrapping Windows Servers with AWS EC2

Best Practices for AWS EC2

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File Placement in Custom SharePoint Site

How To Find the Proper Sprint Duration

Installing the Domain Controller (Part 2)

Syntax Highlighting For Code Snippets in HubSpot

Section 508 Standards and Testing

Designing and Developing SharePoint-Hosted Add-Ins (Part 1)

Built-In and Custom AngularJS Filters

4 Tips on How to Best Utilize Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Improving Vendor-Provided Visio Stencils that are Less than Great

AWS Certification - Solutions Architect Training Insights

How to Install Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (Part 1)

How to Add a Custom Action to the Grid When Using bootstrapTable

Syncing Options For SharePoint User Profiles

Form and Field Validation Best Practices

Effective Monitoring of Burndown and Velocity

How to Write Custom AngularJS Directives

Outlook 2013 Connectivity Issues with Office 365 (HSRESULT:0x80040115)

Responsive Design: Front-End Tools and SharePoint Basics

SharePoint 2013 and Regional Settings: Adventures in Time Zones

The SharePoint 2010 Mobile Redirect Nightmare

Why Difficulty-Based Estimations are Important for Agile

Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016

Continuous Integration: Infrastructure as Code in DevOps

Using MVC to Avoid Magic Numbers in Your JavaScript

TypeScript 101: Benefits and How To Install It

Extending Active Directory & Integrating into SharePoint 2013 (Part 1)

Your cacheHostInfo is Null: How to Fix It

How Marketers Use Agile to Create Effective Content

AWS S3 Storage Concepts for Windows Admins

Correspondence Management with SharePoint and EasyBox

Event Handling in ArcGIS for JavaScript

Improved Email Tracking with EasyBox

Easy Dynamics Demos EasyBox at SharePoint Saturday DC

Continuous Everything in a DevOps World

How AngularJS Helps Validate Forms

Blackboard Learn: Collaboration Tool in Law Enforcement Online Training

Scrum Creates Efficient Process to Keep Clients Happy

HowTo Plan Daily Activities with Agile and TFS

Creating a Workflow with SharePoint Designer

Practical Implementation of a Three State WorkFlow in SharePoint 2013

How to Create a Three State WorkFlow in SharePoint

Creating a Simple Workflow in SharePoint 2013

How to Create Cross Site Collection Global Navigation in SharePoint 2013

How to Create an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013

Implementing a SharePoint Permissions Plan in 5 Steps (Part 1)

Minimize storage consumption with SharePoint

Data Duplication and Resource Management

Secure your messaging and attachments with SharePoint.

Site Mailboxes vs. EasyBox 2013

Easy Dynamics: The SharePoint Experts

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