Interested in investing in the cloud, but don't know where to start? Well you're in the right place -- it requires enterprise architects with experience designing efficient web applications. That's where Easy Dynamics comes in. We are leaders in public and private cloud deployments and offer a full range of cloud services including application development, migration assistance, IaaS/PaaS, and Authority to Operate assistance.

We are also AWS and Azure resellers, including AWS Federal Resellers, and have extensive knowledge in how to manage the challenges that come with federal projects.

What you get from our assessment: 

  • Understanding of differences between cloud computing services
  • Evaluation of scope of work the cloud project or interests will require
  • Platform-independent advice including tradeoff analysis between the leading cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Open Stack, etc.)
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Hear From Our Cloud Experts Today:

How our assessment will help you:

  • Determine which cloud services/offerings you'd like to invest in
  • Time and personnel requirements to implement the cloud 
  • Decide which platform and tools are necessary for your solution(s)

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