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Many agencies are on the cusp of encountering 2 significant migration challenges:

  1. Migration to a SharePoint 2013 platform
  2. Moving to a hosted 3rd party SaaS environment

Many agencies are exploring how to move their current SharePoint portals into a hosted environment, frequently referred to as a SharePoint as a Service (SaaS) environment. Some organizations will even be brave enough to perform a content migration and system upgrade along the way. Moves that are this complex require vast amounts of planning, coordination, user communication, and a high degree of technical expertise.

Easy Dynamics can help. We have already completed several large scale complex information portal to SharePoint 2013 migrations and have unique qualifications delivering Microsoft technology services with a core focus on SharePoint. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner in Portals and Collaboration and better than 75% of all EDC personnel are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs).


  • What to ask prospective SaaS vendors
  • Analysis of which type of migration to perform
  • How to pay attention to user experience 
  • Migrating to scalable information architecture 

Bottom line: We deeply understand SharePoint 2013 and we understand the most effective way to use it for any situation you are in. Complete the form to download our free SharePoint migration whitepaper.

What's Next?

With SharePoint 2013 several years old now, we have successfully: 
  • Provided strategic leadership, architectural design,New Call-to-action implementation advice, and assistance for a 6,000 user environment
  • Designed multiple SharePoint 2013 site definitions and templates across a wide range of environments covering a large scale of needs
  • Provided SharePoint 2013 assistance for multiple Federal Agencies, commercial agencies, and non-profits
  • Coded multiple custom 2013 features and apps  

Seems like we have you convinced! Give us a try and schedule a free consultation for your SharePoint migration project today. Or maybe you've already had your consultation and you've spoken with the other decision-makers in your organization. You have decided to take the next step and get a quote from us on our migration services. That's great news and we are excited to begin working with you! Contact us today to get a quote